A downloadable game for Windows

A holiday themed twin stick shooter where you play as Santa collecting the presents that he has dropped into the 'Chimney of DOOM!'

To play the game you have to pick up the presents to boost your weapon and to increase your multiplier. The nasties will try their best to stop you collecting the presents, and if you kill too many you will fall to the next level and the present will be lost for eternity!

The game supports Joypad and keyboard / mouse.

This is based on the source code from Death Ray Manta by Rob Fearon that was supplied in the Humble bundle deal with Gamemaker.

Check out his game here : http://robf.itch.io/death-ray-manta-se

If you enjoy this game please donate to the NSPCC to help others have a good time this holiday season.



Death_Ray_Santa.exe 12 MB


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Festive reskins of things are always a good time, and that is some rad music going on. Great job on this.

Have a holiday vidya!

Made a video a while back